Avoid And Reduce Age Spots

Age spots start to develop gradually on your skin and by the time you start to notice, it would have spread in a considerably large area. Forehead, back of the neck, feet, hands and arms are the main areas that would develop these dark spots. This is common when you age but sun exposure can make it worse. Your skin tends to loss its strength to rejuvenate as you age. Sun damage at this stage will bring out the dark spots in your skin.

The best way to avoid developing age spots would be to stay away from the sun. Well that does not sound easy. You can wear a hat and protective clothing when you go under the sun. Also remember to use an ultra violet ray blocking skin and face cream on the exposed areas. One mistake many of us do is that we only remember to wear the sun blocks when we are about to get out of the vehicle. But actually any degree of sun burn can eventually cause damage to your skin. It is recommended that you wear the sun block before 30 minutes you leave home, so it would absorb to your skin. This will help you to avoid sun damage which causes the development of age spots.

Having said that let us see what measures can be taken to reduce age spots that have already appeared on your skin. There are many topical creams that you can purchase to remove age spots. However you should avoid products that contain alcohol and parabens as these ingredients can cause damage to your skin while treating your age spot. Choose products consisting natural ingredients.

Excessive melanin production too can aggravate your age spots. Try using skin lighteners to help control excessive melanin production. Products that contain ingredients such as Extrapone, Nutgrass, CynergyTK and Phytessence will inhibit melanin production by 45{04f211c515457a6b5f222b6adfedd5bf80d6de54c0130aff655ece51bb3ff200}. These ingredients will improve collagen production and provide moisture to your skin. All in all these products reduces the chance of photosensitivity in your skin, preventing from sun damage. When using makeup select mineral based ones to protect your skin from damage.

Apart from the topical and over the counter medication you can also use non surgical cosmetic treatments such as Chemical Peels, Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments. But you should always consult a dermatologist or a cosmetic physician to undergo these treatments. Chemical peels will remove the upper layer of your skin in a process where it would peel off the damaged skin layer. Within weeks a new layer of skin starts to form giving you a freckle and spot free skin. Laser treatments cheshire are known to be effective as it does not involve skin peels. The Laser or IPL beam will penetrate your upper skin and treat the dark spots. Wavelengths of light energy will be absorbed to the target area. Then it heats the area destroying and removing heavy pigmentation on the age spot. This does not cause any harm to the surrounding tissue and is known to be very safe and accurate.