Foods You Should Be Eating That Are Good For Your Teeth!

Looking after our teeth should be very high on our priority list, and luckily, there are lots of great foods that you can eat that are good for your teeth! These aren’t any weird or unusual foods, but ones that you will easily access in any shop or supermarket, plus they’re very affordable and would be recommended by your private dentist. So, let’s find out which foods are good for your teeth.

Dairy Products

First up we have dairy products, including cheeses, milk, yoghurt, custard and butter. All of these foods are high in calcium, which is a vital mineral to keep our teeth strong and healthy. So, when you eat dairy products in the recommended daily servings, it will help to keep your teeth in the best possible condition. Eating healthy amounts of dairy products is also important for the rest of the body, as they contain good levels of protein, so are an important part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Eat yoghurt as a snack, have milk with your cereal or sprinkle cheese on your sandwiches for that extra bit of calcium in your meals!

Leafy Greens

Next up we have leafy greens, which help to promote your dental health by fortifying the enamel on your teeth, providing a barrier against acids that eventually cause cavities. They are also high in calcium, which we have already learnt is super important. So, next time you go food shopping, add some spinach, kale, lettuce or rocket to your basket.

Add a few leaves of spinach to your smoothies or cook it down with garlic, chilli and lemon juice for a delicious side. Rocket and lettuce make the best base for any salad, and kale is delicious when simply roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper to make kale crisps.

There are so many things you can do with leafy greens, and if you find at the end of the week you have leftover spinach or kale, simply freeze it in a freezer bag and then add to your next batch of soup for a zero waste option!

Crunchy Fruit and Vegetables

Last but not least, we have any kind of crunchy fruits and vegetables, such as apples, carrots, celery, pea pods or peppers. Any of these foods are fantastic for your teeth, as they are the most natural teeth cleaners that help to increase the flow of saliva, as your mouth has to work harder. This then helps to remove excess food particulces and bacteria that can cause serious oral health problems later down the line.

One of the best ways to eat your crunchy fruit is by chopping it up and dipping in peanut butter. For your crunchy vegetables, do the same but with houmous instead! This is such a simple change you can make to your diet that can really help your teeth. For those of you who have any dental weaknesses, it’s best to double check in with your dentist in Leamington Spa before you eat lots of crunchy foods!

By AESir