5 Little Known Facts That Will Enlighten You on Clear Aligners

Do you know that every individual has a different set of teeth? Usually, teeth size and arrangement are unique, translating into uniqueness while smiling. However, when they smile, individuals with crooked and misaligned teeth are more noticeable. These misalignments could occur in a single tooth or even a set of teeth. Severe alignment issues are usually problematic whenever the victims are speaking or chewing. In addition, misaligned teeth can increase the risk of tooth cavities and gum diseases. Therefore, whenever your teeth have improper alignment, you should consider clear aligners Carmichael to restore your perfect smile. Below are little-known facts that will help you understand clear aligners.

They Are Custom Made

Aligners usually differ depending on the patient’s tooth arrangements. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your teeth’ positioning whenever you are making an appointment to get clear aligners. During the appointment, the specialist will conduct a 3D scan of your teeth and form the molds, which helps create clear aligners of good fit.

Aligners Are Removable

Unlike traditional braces, you can remove the aligners when eating. Therefore after getting clear aligners, you can continue eating your favorite meals without restrictions. For example, you can easily eat chewy meals after removing the aligners. However, when removing the aligners, you should avoid inconsistency since you could risk shifting your teeth to the old crooked arrangement.

They Consist of Thermoplastic Material

Have you ever asked yourself how clear aligners solve the misalignment issues in the teeth? Notably, the aligners are prepared from a thermoplastic medium which helps to straighten the teeth concerning the aligner’s position by applying pressure on the misaligned teeth. The strength of these thermoplastic materials makes the proper alignment of crooked teeth possible.

The Aligners Are Comfortable

Individuals who have used traditional braces to straighten their teeth know how agonizing it is to wear them. The wires and bracket system cause discomfort, especially when you are eating. However, the clear aligners have come to save you from those concerns since they do not use the wiring system. With clear aligners, you do not have to undergo lengthy adjustments. You only open the new box of these devices and place them on your teeth until your dentist recommends the next set.

Oral Hygiene Practices Are Easier With the Clear Aligners

Many people think that after getting the aligners, they must apply extraordinary measures to maintain their dental health and aligners. However, the reality is that with the aligners, oral hygiene measures are simpler, unlike conventional braces. You remove your clear aligners and conduct the usual hygiene practices, such as brushing and flossing. Soak your aligners in a glass of baking soda and clean water to maintain their invisibility when wearing them.

Although different individuals have different teeth sizes and arrangements, teeth misalignment is loud. Misaligned teeth usually impair an individual’s perfect smile and undermine their fluency while speaking. Fortunately, you can alleviate the alignment concerns through the clear aligners and continue living on top of your life. Understanding the clear aligners using the above facts will improve your experience wearing these devices.