Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation For Relieving Depression

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance approximates that over 17 million Americans aged 18 and above are affected by major depressive disorder. Also called clinical depression, major depressive disorder is characterized by a persistent feeling of loss of interest in daily activities and sadness, which may significantly impair the quality of your life. Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC specializes in diagnosing and treating depression. Without early treatment of depression, you become susceptible to mental and physical problems, including poor appetite, muscle aches, constant exhaustion, and erratic sleep patterns.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is one popular clinical therapy your doctor can recommend for relieving chronic depression. Subsequently, below are a few things you need to remember about that particular medical procedure.

The history of transcranial magnetic stimulation and how it works

The history of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is traceable to 1985. In that year, the inventor of this non-invasive treatment scientifically …

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Telehealth Provider

Imagine having health concerns after relocating to a new town. The new environment could expose you to adverse allergic reactions. What would you do in that case? The first thing to come to your mind is to look for a healthcare provider. However, finding someone you can trust for your health is not always easy. Getting health care services can be challenging lest you consider Telehealth Bridgewater services. You can now share the symptoms of your conditions with your health provider through telecommunication gadgets like a smartphone in the comfort of your home. If you are yet to have a telehealth provider, here are the factors you should consider when looking for one.

User Interface

When choosing telehealth platforms, it is good to consider the user interface. Look for the communications techniques that the programs and applications have. This way, it becomes easy to select the applications whose user interface …

Factors Contributing to The Development Of Ingrown Toenails

Although ingrown toenails are not a reason for alarm, they can cause pain, swelling, and discomfort in the affected toe. They occur when the edge of your toenail grows into the skin surrounding the nail, often resulting in redness, tenderness, and sometimes infection if left untreated. The pain associated with an ingrown toenail Bakersfield can affect your ability to conduct your daily activities. However, with proper nail care, footwear, and timely medical attention, you can prevent the complications associated with the disorder. The following are the causes of ingrown toenails:

1.  Genetics

Some people are born with naturally curved or thicker toenails than usual, making them more prone to growing into the surrounding skin. In some cases, the nail bed itself may be irregularly shaped, causing your nail to grow in a way that leads to an ingrown toenail. If someone in your family has a history of ingrown …

Top 6 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are So Popular

Whether you got a missing tooth because of physical trauma, extraction because of cavities or gum disease, or normal wear and tear, you should replace it. While numerous tooth restoration options exist, including dentures, crowns, and bridges, there is no better alternative for replacing lost teeth than dental implants. During the dental procedure, an implant dentist Orlando, FL, inserts a prosthetic tooth root into the jawbone, which develops a strong, lasting structure and foundation for tooth replacement. Implants can replace or more lost teeth, hold a denture, and be part of a dental bridge. Here are more reasons why people select dental implants. 

1. Implants Feel and Look Like Actual Teeth

One of the greatest benefits of dental implants over other teeth restoration alternatives is they embody the natural look and feel of your real teeth. Most patients who have had a dental implantation procedure claim they feel no …

Treatment Options for Varicose Veins You Should Understand

Varicose veins are common conditions that trouble many people worldwide nowadays. These twisted and swollen veins normally appear in the legs causing pain, discomfort, and even skin ulcers in serious cases. While individuals with Tomball varicose veins have not suffered massively, they have reported a significant decline in their quality of life. Luckily, numerous medication options are available today, thanks to technological advancement. These methods vary from non-invasive ways like compression stockings to aggressive processes like laser therapy. The article will explain some of the most successful and popular varicose veins treatment choices.


Sclerotherapy is a medication that uses a sclerosant to eliminate varicose in your veins. This method collapses and scars the veins making blood redirect to better veins. Eventually, your body damages the veins making them vanish over time. The normally used sclerosant is sodium tetradecyl sulfate. This medication addresses small varicose veins like a spider vein …

When Should You Seek Treatment for Shoulder Pain?

The inability to reach for an item from a shelf can be frustrating if you have shoulder pain. Although shoulder injuries are common, they can affect your daily routine because you have a limited range of motion. You should see an orthopedic shoulder & elbow surgeon La Jolla if shoulder pain is accompanied by swelling, tenderness, or a feeling that your shoulder is out of its socket.

Other symptoms include numbness and a tingling sensation in your arms. It is crucial to seek immediate medical attention to prevent your injury from worsening.

Common shoulder problems

The following are common shoulder issues:


You can experience shoulder instability if the ball of the shoulder joint moves partially or completely out of the socket. Aging or repetitive motions can lead to injuries and shoulder dislocations.


Arthritis is a health condition that leads to inflammation and pain in your shoulder joint. Your …

Why Polish dentists are so valuable?

When it comes to dentistry, many people indicate financial issues as the main criteria. The cost of dental treatment in most European countries can effectively ruin the budget, not mentioning the need of a constant supervision after all. It is not surprising that more and more people choose a Polish clinic. Dental care in this country is outstanding and – what is most important – very cost-effective.

Excellent qualifications

In Poland it is not easy to become a dentist. The educational path is strictly regulated and students must undergo five years of training at a university, that is followed by a 12-month practical course. To become a polish dentist one must pass an exam in order to be fully qualified. What is more, dental experts from Poland stay up-to-date with all trends, regularly taking part in courses and trainings that allow them to raise the qualifications and perform a professional …

Common Dentistry Treatments That Can Help Makeover Your Smile

Your smile is essential when socializing because it is usually the first aspect of your physical appearance that people usually note during your first contact with them. However, if your tooth is colored, you have missing teeth, or your teeth are misaligned, the quality of your smile is affected, making it quite difficult to smile while taking a picture or even when in the company of new people. However, various dentistry treatments are available to help makeover the smile that leaves you looking and feeling at your best. You can try and find smile makeovers Whitehall therapies to help fix your smile and improve your self-esteem and confidence. The treatments are as follows:

Teeth whitening

Teeth bleaching is one of the common dental treatments available to help improve the quality of your smile. The treatment is usually affordable and easily available. If you want to avoid going for teeth whitening …

The General Steps Involved In Professional Teeth Cleaning

The accumulation of bacteria to higher levels in your mouth when you do not practice healthy oral hygiene may increase the release of acids that can attack and destroy your gums and teeth. As a result, you may be confronted with gum disease, bad breath, cavities, and infections. Because of that, professional dentists often recommend you keep your teeth and gums clean by brushing at least twice daily, flossing regularly, and avoiding smoking. Even more importantly, you should go for professional teeth cleaning Hawthorne after every six months or one year. You may need to go to your dentist for teeth cleaning because regular brushing and flossing may not be enough to stop the accumulation of bacteria, food particles, plaque, and tartar.

Also, some foods and drinks you consume almost daily may cause teeth staining, which may be impossible to eliminate even when you brush your teeth and floss regularly. …

What are the Components of a Medical Weight Loss Program?

Are you looking at yourself and noticing excess fat that may have distorted your physical appearance? You may be asking yourself if you even have a chance at reversing some weight gain and getting to look better even as you age. You should seek medical weight loss management Edmond to get a customized weight loss program. Weight loss varies for every individual, depending on age, lifestyle habits, exercise, and overall goals. You will go through different components of a weight loss program with the guidance of your doctor. Here are common components of a weight loss program.

Nutritional Counseling

Your doctor may recommend a nutritional counselor to help you lose weight. The program includes interaction between you and your doctor so you can undergo a nutritional assessment and learn how to add well-balanced nutrients to your diet. Your doctor will help you understand your nutrition’s impact on your health and …