Aesthetic Insure is an industry leading cosmetic insurance company based in Ireland, Dublin. We provide medical malpractice insurance for surgeons, doctors and other types of medical professionals. We also cover other areas of insurance, such as specialist surgery and consultancy work. Our insurance packages are guaranteed to protect you, your business, staff and also your facility and equipment. We are certain that we will have the correct Cosmetic Insurance packages for you and your business.

Our medical malpractice insurance covers any situation, where a medical professional causes injury to a patient. A patient can make a claim on your company, if they believe that they have received a lack of aftercare, which has led to them suffering an injury. Our medical malpractice insurance is designed to cover you from a potential mishap, and fight any claims that are made against you.

Aesthetic insurance also provides medical liability insurance. It is extremely important that you have medical liability insurance, as if something unfortunately goes wrong with your procedure you may be held liable for compensation and legal fees. If you are taken to court, this may be an expensive and time-consuming process. It may also lead to you having a bad reputation, which would have a damaging impact on you in the future. However, if you choose us for your medical liability insurance, we will do everything possible to protect you and your reputation.

At Aesthetic we also provide medical professional liability insurance. Our medical professional liability insurance ensures that your company’s stock, equipment and facility is insured from any damage that it may sustain. Aesthetic insure will also cover public and employee’s liability, which is a legal requirement if you employ staff.

Aesthetic insurance also offer cover for cosmetic surgery insurance, aesthetic indemnity insurance and aesthetic practitioner insurance. To find out more about these view our website today, at aesthetic insure.

Who do you provide cover for? Aesthetic insurance provide cover for the following:

  • Individual Surgeons
  • Private Clinics
  • Entity Cover
  • Hospitals
  • Consultants
  • Healthcare Groups
  • Medical Associations

Our specialism cover:

  • Cosmetic / Plastic
  • General
  • Maxillofacial
  • Urological
  • ENT
  • Ophthalmic
  • Orthopaedics
  • Vascular

Why Us? At Aesthetic insure we are an industry leading company, with multiple years of trading experience under our belt, therefore you can definitely trust. This is shown by our excellent rating on trust pilot, from our happy clients. So why not contact us today at [email protected] or give us a call on 01 961 9463!

By AESir