Are You Sick of Constantly Feeling Tired? – Here’s What You Should Know

Ask somebody how they are faring, and they will likely respond that they are exhausted, followed by two sighs. According to the National Safety Council, about 43% of workers in the U.S. are too exhausted to perform their duties, while 97% of those surveyed cited a risk factor for developing chronic fatigue syndrome. If you are among the millions of people living with chronic fatigue, the interventional pain specialists at Performance Pain and Sports Medicine can help. The physicians are committed to correcting the underlying cause and assisting you in recovering your energy. Meanwhile, continue reading to learn more about fatigue Lawrenceville, and the available care solutions.

What Is The Difference Between Fatigue And Tiredness?

It is common to feel tired for several days after crossing time zones or going out. However, fatigue is something different altogether. Fatigue is the constant lack of energy and could negatively affect your mental, social, and physical well-being. Generally, this issue stems from a problem in your lifestyle, including:

·       Stress

·       Inadequate sleep

·       Drug or alcohol abuse

·       Unnatural diet

·       Insufficient or excess physical activity

·       Specific pharmaceuticals

Chronic fatigue may also stem from an inherent medical problem, such as:

·       Chronic pain

·       Diabetes

·       Fibromyalgia

·       Anxiety

·       Depression

·       Hypothyroidism

·       Obesity

·       Arthritis

Discovering and comprehending the cause of your weariness is the initial step in developing an individualized care plan.

What Are The Treatment Options?

No two individuals experience exhaustion in the same manner, and no two therapies are identical. After determining the cause of your weariness, your doctor may suggest the following treatments.

  •  Lifestyle Management

No essential oil or magic drug can quickly remedy your persistent weariness. Rather, you must address the cause of your weariness.

For instance, diabetes keeps one’s body from adequately metabolizing glucose and insulin for energy. As such, diabetic patients’ fatigue care approach resembles a diabetic management plan. With diabetes well-managed, cells can receive and utilize glucose more effectively, resulting in increased energy.

Additionally, your care plan may emphasize wellness, where your doctor assists you in making healthier decisions. Based on your unique requirements, this might involve dietary modifications, stress management techniques, and individualized exercise programs.

  • IV Therapy

Intravenous (IV) treatment is a fast and efficient method of administering potent, health-enhancing nutrients to fight fatigue. Myers’ cocktail is a unique form of intravenous therapy that combines fluids and essential nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, and vitamins C and B. This IV therapy addresses concerns like fibromyalgia and depression, which are often associated with fatigue.

  •  B12 Injections

B12 injections are supplements that deliver B12 straight to the bloodstream. Considering that the body does not make B12 by itself, you must obtain it from external sources. This vitamin is essential in the production of DNA and red blood cells and the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. One injection is enough to deliver a quick energy boost.

Do not allow fatigue to take a toll on your well-being and general life quality. Start your road toward a more revitalized tomorrow by contacting Performance Pain and Sports Medicine. The specialists will take time to understand your concerns and develop a care plan that will address your unique concerns. Arrange an appointment through mobile or book online today.