Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, most travellers bought travel insurance to cover various issues during their travel. However, these insurances didn’t cover pandemics, and when the coronavirus pandemic hit us, travellers were shocked to find out they weren’t covered. Many travellers who were on vacations when shutdowns started had to use their means to get flights back home earlier than they had planned. Those who had planned their trips for the future and had paid weren’t refunded. In 2021 travel is resuming slowly, and most people are trying to look for new insurance plans that won’t leave them vulnerable in case of such an abrupt eventuality. An important tip that can help find an insurance company that will provide cover in case of such uncertainties is to use online review sites such as to search for reputable travel insurance companies offering health insurance coverage. This article gives some travel insurance policies that can be helpful in case of eventualities such as pandemics.

Pandemic-specific Insurance

While most providers haven’t yet made changes to their policies and still exclude pandemics in their coverage. Some have adjusted to the new development.  They have come up with plans that are mainly designed for travelling in times of the pandemic. They offer COVID-19 medical coverage and cover medical expenses related to coronavirus up to a certain amount. For instance, Allianz travel insurance has added in its policies a special provision for covid-19. The provision covers interruptions, cancellations and medical expenses that one may incur if they contract the virus during or prior to their trip. Other insurance companies have focused on new ways people are travelling in response to the pandemic, especially domestic travels. Always look out for what specifically these policy includes.

Credit Card Travel Insurance

A majority of credit cards usually come with travel insurance. When you utilize your credit card to pay for covered travels, the credit card travel insurance programs will refund you for ground transportation, meals and lodging if the airline cancels your flight. While such a policy is beneficial for general issues relating to your travel, they sometimes cover issues about pandemics. For example, they may issue a refund if you cancel your trip after contracting coronavirus. However, coverage may be limited, and they may fail to refund for trips cancellation due to issues such as the closing of borders caused by the pandemic. Ensure you consult your insurance provider and credit card issuer to know at what length are pandemic related issues covered or if they are covered at all.

Provider-offered Travel Insurance

Many airlines, cruise lines, and hotels have sought to win back travelers by providing particular COVID-19 travel insurance policies that they at times offer for free. For example, Etihad and Virgin Atlantic offer free COVID-19 travel insurance with each booking that one makes. Several hotels have also adopted such programs. Some cruise lines, such as the Cruise line Atlas Ocean voyages, has also implemented return-to-home and emergency evacuation insurance policies for all their guests. However, it is essential to note that not all insurance plans offered by providers are identical, and thus it is important that you always carefully read your provider’s policy. Though airlines push for clients to ensure that they include travel insurance in their flight bookings, these plans will not always provide the level of protection that one might expect. You must ensure you are aware of the level of coverage to pandemic related issues that your insurer offers.

Standard Travel Insurance

While standard travel insurance policies typically exclude pandemic associated coverage. A majority of travel providers such as hotels, cruises and airlines are providing free cancellations. Such cancellation policies may be the type of assurance that a client requires to book their trip. You need to know that anything you have paid for outside your hotel, flight or cruise will most likely not be covered. Thus you will be responsible for caring for such expenses on your own. More so, certain providers set particular cancellation time frames while others will only provide a credit to future travels instead of offering a full refund.

In conclusion, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 proved to be a year that surprised the world and, most specifically, the travel industry. Travellers found insurance companies unable to cover various pandemic related issues. However, travel insurance providers have been fast to adjust. This article has offered insurance policies that will be beneficial and will provide coverage even in case of pandemic eventualities during your travel.

By AESir