Veins do a marvelous job for your survival. These blood vessels usually carry poor oxygen blood from the rest of your body back to the heart. For the effective pumping of blood, veins comprise valves. These flap-like structures clamp shut after every pump to prevent blood backflow. However, if the valves in your vein become weak, blood will no longer flow in the right direction.

Consequently, you will have varicose veins Weston due to the build-up of oxygen-poor blood in your veins, especially the leg veins. The twisted veins will interfere with your attractiveness and cause discomfort. Therefore, you should embrace the following lifestyle modifications to lower the chances of getting a varicose vein.

Eat Mindfully

Your eating habits say a lot when it comes to vein health. Meals with a high proportion of sodium and unhealthy sugars usually upsurge blood pressure. Over time, the high blood pressure can damage vein valves increasing the risk of blood pooling. Therefore, it would help if you replaced these meals with healthy ones such as whole grains and vegetables. You can talk with your doctor about visiting a nutritionist to determine what you should eat.

Stop Smoking

Have you ever heard smokers complaining of discomfort in their legs, especially when climbing the staircase? Well, this instance explains the detrimental effect of cigarette smoking on leg veins. Cigarette toxins have the potential to damage vein walls which leads to cramping pains in the legs. If you are a smoker, this is the best time to cease this habit. Reach out for rehabilitation services since it may not always be easy to stop the habit alone.

Exercise Regularly

In a fast-paced world, some people are skipping physical activities. Neglect to exercise exposes individuals to different conditions, including varicose veins. Therefore, you should prioritize exercise, especially when you are not at work. Spare at least thirty minutes and engage in cardio exercises such as walking and biking every day for five days weekly. This way, you will strengthen heart muscles, thus boosting blood circulation to your legs.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

The link between your outfit choices and vein health might seem insignificant, but that is untrue. Tight-fitting clothes usually put additional pressure on the abdomen, thus restricting blood circulation from the legs. Poor blood circulation in your leg veins will then aggravate varicose veins. Replaces tight-fitting clothes with loose-fitting outfits such as swing tunic dresses. Further, you should invest in flat-heeled shoes instead of high heels to keep your leg veins healthy.

Limit Long-Term Birth Control Pills

Contraceptive pills are a good option for delaying childbearing capacity. However, these pills can increase the risk of varicose veins in some women. Notably, the long-term use of hormonal birth control pills increases estrogen levels. The high levels of these hormones can alter the functioning of vein valves, thus leading to blood pooling. Fortunately, your healthcare provider can recommend other birth control alternatives for long-term use.

The varicose vein is among the leading conditions in the circulatory system. This condition occurs when the vein valves are not functioning properly. Varicose veins cause cosmetic concerns and can be painful, especially when left untreated. The good news is that making certain modifications can help reduce the risk of this vein concern. For example, if you have been leading an inactive life, this is the time to get moving. Your veins will also thank you when you stop smoking.

By AESir