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Chiropractic therapy is the non-surgical treatment of nervous system disorder and musculoskeletal system. The therapy focuses on the relationship between the spine and the body’s function. The therapy is used mainly to treat problems related to muscles, bones, joints and connective tissues such as cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

The body has a powerful and surprising ability to health itself. The spine and its function have a close relation, which affects our health. The goal of chiropractic therapy is to normalize the relationship between the structure and function and help the body as it heals.

It is also natural and effective treatment that provides benefits ranging from pain relief to increased energy. Receiving regular chiropractic adjustments improves your overall health and wellness and many of our patients report feelings of improvement in just one visit.

Among people seeking back pain relief alternatives, most choose chiropractic treatment. One of the most common reasons that people seek out care is because they’re in pain. Whether it’s pain in the back, neck, head, or elsewhere, getting treatment and relief from the pain is key. This is where a lot of people turn to the chiropractor, and for good reason. Chiropractors may be able to remove restrictions from the body that cause excessive tension and discomfort. If you want to live a little more pain-free, chiropractic care is a good place to start.

At Balanced Healthcare, our chiropractor first takes a medical history, performs a physical examination, and may use lab tests or diagnostic imaging to determine if treatment is appropriate for your back pain.

Our Chiro Services treatment plan may involve one or more manual adjustments in which the doctor manipulates the joints, using a controlled, sudden force to improve range and quality of motion. Many chiropractors also incorporate nutritional counseling and exercise/rehabilitation into the treatment plan. The goals of chiropractic care include the restoration of function and prevention of injury in addition to back pain relief.

During the treatment, one or more adjustments might be done. Adjustments are also called manipulation. The therapy is done manually, which means it is done by hands.

The adjustments are done to increase the quality and range of motion in the area being treated. Apart from manipulation, at Balanced Healthcare most chiropractors use other treatments such as mobilization, massage and non-manual treatments such as applying ice or heat and electric stimulation.

What are five side effects of Chiropractic services?

  1. Some people experience a feeling of deepening peace and relaxation. This relaxed feeling may last for the rest of the day or week and may lead to deep, refreshing sleep.
  2. Others have at times felt warm feeling flowing to various parts of their bodies that are very soothing.
  3. Some feel very energetic and do all their chores and business that day with light, happy feeling.
  4. Others may find that their symptoms have begun to disappear, that the problems that they came to the office for have begun to lessen after the first visit. This is never to be confused that the problem is gone for the rest of your life.
  5. There are also some people who do not feel any different after an adjustment. People with chronic problems usually do not see the immediate results right away. This does not necessarily mean that they are not benefiting from their adjustments, an absence of no effect after an adjustment just means that they’re not feeling any external reactions.

Chiropractic treatment does not have any severe side effects. Some side effects include temporary discomfort in the parts of the body that have been treated, dizziness and headache. These side effects go away in one-two days.

As manipulations are made in the joints and spine, there can sometimes be a negative reaction (toxic release). Chiropractic clears out negative subluxations and interferences in the spine. As your body adjusts to those dysfunctions being treated, it takes a short period of time to process its improved spinal function. Toxic release is sometimes just part of that adjustment process.

To manage negative symptoms of toxic release, we recommend that you:

  • Drink Plenty of Water – Hydration is key for the body to function as it should and for getting rid of toxins. Be sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  • Get Some Rest – A good night’s sleep is always important, but especially so after an adjustment. If you experience toxic release symptoms, get plenty of restful sleep for the next few days to help the symptoms run their course.
  • Exercise Regularly – You may feel tired, but light exercise like yoga and walking can improve how you feel.
  • Eat Healthy – You know nutrition is important for a healthy body, but after an adjustment avoid processed foods and try to eat meals rich in fruits and vegetables.

Chiropractors treat problems in people of all ages. Depending on the patient, the intensity and force of treatments vary. All patients are screened to ensure that they are good candidates for chiropractic care. For example, many older patients have some thinning or softening of the bones that would rule out joint manipulation. If chiropractic care is too risky for a patient, they will guide them to the right people and resources.

Chiropractic procedures may appear dangerous or intimidating, but the reality is far from the rumor. Spinal manipulation to treat low back pain is documented to be safe and effective, especially in the hands of a properly trained practitioner.

When chiropractors are correctly trained and licensed, chiropractic care is generally considered to be safe for some conditions. Here at Balanced Healthcare you will meet your expectation, we will make sure the treatment heals you’re pain all over your body.

The goal of care is always to improve symptoms, relieve pain, and improve a patient’s physical functioning. Living with low back pain does not have to be a burden bared alone. Chiropractic medicine is generally considered safe, effective, and may help a patient make great strides towards improving his or her quality of life.

Look at our website, at Balanced Healthcare, including patient reviews. Meet with our chiropractor to discuss their treatment practices and ask about possible adverse effects related to treatment.

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