The foods you eat and beverages you consume can stain your teeth. Over time, their effects can be profound enough to warrant New York teeth whitening. Initially, you may try home remedies or even turn to OTC teeth whitening products. These approaches often prove ineffective and sometimes harmful to your oral health. Fortunately, you can get your teeth cleaned professionally at your dentist’s office. Professional teeth cleaning is a quicker, more effective, albeit slightly more expensive, way to brighten your smile. If you choose to go this route, here is what you can expect.

Initial Consultation

Your teeth cleaning treatment begins when you set an appointment with your dentist. During your first meeting, your dentist will compare the current shade of your teeth with the colors on a tooth shade chart to determine the extent of cleaning you need. You will then discuss how much brighter you want your teeth to be and how many treatments you will require. Finally, you will set a day for the session.


When you arrive for your teeth cleaning appointment, your dentist will polish your teeth with a pumice tool. This step is designed to eliminate lingering plaque from your teeth. They will then apply retractors and gauze to your mouth to prevent your tongue, gums, and cheeks from coming into contact with the cleaning agent. Additionally, they will place a barrier along your gum line for the same reason.


Next, your dentist will apply the whitening agent to your front enamel. The most common solutions used to clean teeth professionally are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. Your dentist will use one of these bleaching agents and cure it with a laser or light to activate the peroxide. Usually, this solution will remain on your teeth for 30 to 60 minutes. Afterward, your dentist will rinse your teeth and apply fluoride to help alleviate any subsequent tooth sensitivity. A teeth cleaning appointment with your dentist should last between 60 to 90 minutes and take one or two sessions to see results.

Post-Procedure Consultation

After the cleaning, you and your dentist will examine the results and discuss whether more cleaning sessions are necessary. Your dentist will also recommend several lifestyle and dietary changes to help maintain your results. You may need to avoid brightly colored drinks and foods, including red wine, coffee, beets, yellow mustard, tomato sauce, and black grapes. If you smoke, your dentist may also recommend that you avoid tobacco for several weeks.

Follow Up

One week after your teeth cleaning procedure, you can re-examine the shade of your teeth. If you are unsatisfied with their current shade, you can discuss further steps with your dentist. You should also make an appointment if you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms like bleeding, increased sensitivity, or swollen gums. Your dentist can help rule out an infection.

 So, Is Professional Teeth Whitening Right for You?

Home teeth cleaning solutions may be cheaper and take a shorter time, but they can be ineffective. They can also leave your teeth feeling overly sensitive. If you want to brighten your smile several shades and have tried these treatments to no avail, professional teeth cleaning is the right move for you. The treatments are relatively fast, safe, and deliver the best results. Call a professional dentist today and get started on transforming your smile.

By AESir