Sometimes when we think about losing weight we get worried about the process, because we think that it will require a huge sacrifice and that we will not be able to accomplish it. Thinking that we have to spend long hours in the gym and eat tasteless food stresses us and slows us down when we want to improve our lifestyle. However, losing weight and achieving a healthy lifestyle is much easier than you imagine! Today we want to give you some tips that will help you to lose weight healthily without suffering in the attempt in this 2020.

Tip #1: Select a healthy diet

Something you should keep in mind is that not all diets are healthy and that some can even be harmful to health. This is why before starting to diet, you must research well about healthy diets and dietetic food endorsed by nutritionists and health professionals. An excellent alternative to lose weight healthily are Exante products since Exante has a wide variety of meals, bars, shakes,snacks, soups, mocktails, and desserts that will make you enjoy every bite.

Tip #2: Try smaller plates

Although chefs like to present their culinary creations on large plates, there is a study that suggests that people tend to eat more than what is served on the plate. Cornell University academic Dr. Brian Wansink recommends serving our food on 10-inch plates, as this size of plate tricks our brains into believing that we are full.

Tip #3: Stay fit and active

Did you know that a sedentary lifestyle and obesity are closely related? If your goal is to be healthy and have a fitness figure, you must commit to exercising your body regularly. Following a good exercise routine will not only help you to burn fat and tone your muscles, but it will improve your mood and make you feel better with yourself.

Some experts recommend that if you want to know if the exercises you are doing are having results you should have a record of what types of exercises you are doing. Swansea-based GP Dr. Charlotte Jones suggests that even walking more can be considered exercise and can help you to lose weight. Using apps to count how many steps you have taken so that you can compare day by day how much you have done can make a difference.

Tip #4: Eat mindfully

Sometimes when we crave something sweet we are not sure if we are craving it because we are hungry or we are stressed, bored, emotional, or tired. This is why we must be attentive to what our body is asking of us. Before succumbing to the temptation to open the refrigerator,  try to determine if you are hungry. If you are not really hungry but rather tired or stressed, you can try activities that distract and entertain you. For example, you could try enjoying a relaxing bath, watching an interesting video, or having a quick nap.

We hope these tips have helped you and that you can achieve a fitness figure. See you soon!

By AESir