Tooth misalignment is a prevalent dental problem, affecting 90% of Americans. While conventional braces are necessary for some cases of teeth misalignment, Invisalign is becoming an increasingly popular option. They are removable, convenient, and inconspicuous. Read on to discover why many people prefer Midtown Invisalign for teeth alignment.

Invisalign does not require brackets

Invisalign products are made from a durable thermoplastic material stronger than regular aligners. They work by applying pressure on your teeth to push them to the correct position. Invisalign aligners do not require metal brackets and archwires like conventional braces.

You may experience some discomfort, which is typical even with traditional braces. However, they do not irritate the gums. Invisalign aligners are customized to fit securely in your oral cavity. They cause less discomfort in the long term compared to metal brackets.

The braces are suitable for people of all ages. But an orthodontic diagnosis is necessary to determine if you are an ideal candidate. Severe cases of misalignments may require metal brackets to effectively re-align your teeth.

They are removable and convenient

You can remove Invisalign braces when brushing or eating your teeth. That makes it easier to keep your teeth clean and germ-free. Proper dental hygiene prevents gum disease and minimizes the risk of complications during your recovery.

However, your dentist will instruct you to keep your Invisalign braces for 20 to 22 hours. If you don’t wear them long enough, your teeth may not properly shift into position. By adhering to the rules, you can shorten your recovery time and realize better outcomes.

Since you can remove the braces while eating, Invisalign does not have many dietary restrictions. You can enjoy your favorite meals, provided you put them back on. It is also advisable to remove the braces when playing contact sports.

Invisalign is inconspicuous

Metal braces can make some people feel self-conscious about their appearance. Teens are often afraid of being teased by peers in school. They can discourage patients from seeking orthodontic treatment for tooth misalignment issues.

Fortunately, Invisalign does not have the conspicuous metal brackets you may find in traditional braces. They utilize a clear plastic that is difficult to spot on your teeth.

With Invisalign braces, you can smile confidently in your photos and web vlogs. You don’t have to worry about breaking metal brackets when eating food with friends. The braces can boost your self-esteem and social interactions.

Custom-made for high precision

Your orthodontist will perform assessments of your teeth and gums before recommending Invisalign. The process usually involves taking 3D images to create an accurate impression of your oral cavity. The clear plastic has molds that match the contours of your teeth.

You may have to switch the Invisalign thermoplastic mold every two weeks. Each of the braces can shift your teeth for a specific duration.

The high precision of Invisalign braces reduces the time it takes to address teeth misalignments. It is possible to re-align teeth within six months. Your orthodontist will discuss your expectations and alternative treatments where necessary.

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