The head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis) is one of the many varieties of sucking lice specialized to live on different areas of various animals. It is an obligate, ectoparasitic, wingless insect spending its entire life on human scalp and feeding exclusively on human blood. Humans are the only known host of this parasite. Head lice are parasitic wingless insects. They live on people’s heads and feed on their blood. An adult is called a louse and is about the size of a sesame seed.

The eggs, called nits, are even smaller – almost like a dandruff flake. Lice and nits are easiest to detect at the neckline and behind the ears. Head lice are extremely contagious. Close contact or sharing personal belongings, such as hats or hairbrushes, puts people at risk. Children ages 3-11 and their families get head lice most often. Personal hygiene has nothing to do with getting head lice.

Here is the list of some home remedies which can help you from releiving from head louse:

Half cup white vinegar diluted with one cup water. Wash the hair as usual with shampoo. then thoroughly rinse with water, then rinse hair with vinegar(anti lice) solution. Have a spray bottle handy and pour some in the bottle, spray your hair daily to prevent the lice from coming back.

Kerosene is the old standby. Other than that, shaving of heads can be done.

Shampoo and then condition the hairs with a good brand name. Comb out the little buggers and kill them. This will have to be done over a couple of weeks to get rid of them. Wash hair regularly – daily is ideal at worst every second day.

Stay away from commercial chemical treatments! I have known they are bad for years, but just this past week met a parent whose daughter is suffering from permanent nerve damage as a result of using one of the commercial chemical formulas and finding out too late that it contains a potent pesticide – with guess which side effect!

The white vinegar, supposedly, helps loosen the glue that the lice use to affix the nit to the hair strand.

The essential oils (the combination is best, but if you can only go with one oil use Tea Tree) irritate the lice and repel many of the survivors.

You put mayonaise in your hair then put seram wrap over it then let it sit for 15 minutes. That should work! The doctor

told us that

Take a fine tooth comb – (found at drug stores) bend over the cloth and comb through the hair with the kerosene to remove the had lice and the nits which are the eggs of the lice.

By AESir