Safe driving goes a long way in keeping you, your family, and other road users safe. But let’s face it: car accidents happen. And when they do, you might be looking at car repairs, potential increases to your insurance premium, and physical injuries. Injuries from car accidents are as varied as the individual circumstances of each collision. The severity of a Roswell motor vehicle accident injury suffered by drivers and passengers depends on several factors, including whether the injured person was wearing a safety belt and vehicle speed.

Minor car accident injuries like scrapes and cuts often resolve within a few days without medical treatments. However, more severe injuries require medical treatment and may sometimes result in some level of permanent physical disability. Below are examples of common car accident injuries

Scrapes and cuts

In a car accident, loose objects become projectiles thrown around the car’s interior. Examples include cell phones, books, eyeglasses, mugs, and purses. These items can hit your body, cut your skin, or cause other injuries. Often, scrapes and cuts are minor injuries that require no medical treatment. However, serious cuts may need stitches. You may also have cuts when an airbag deploys in a collision.

Soft tissue injuries

A soft tissue injury involves damage to the body’s connective tissues, including tendons, ligaments, and muscles. It is the most common injury resulting from a car accident and can take many forms. Whiplash is a soft tissue injury affecting the neck and upper back. It occurs when muscles and ligaments stretch due to sudden head and neck movements during a collision. The same force can cause soft tissue injuries in other body areas, including the back. Most of the time, care accidents cause mid-back and low-back muscle sprains. The impact force against the spine can cause more serious back injuries.

Head injuries

Injuries to the head take various forms, from relatively minor to serious ones. An expected stop or change in a car’s direction can cause the driver’s and passenger’s heads to move in sudden and awkward ways. The result is often muscle strains and sprains in the neck and back. However, the head itself can also sustain injuries. For example, the head can get cut or bruised upon hitting a side window or the steering wheel. Sever head collisions can cause a closed head injury, causing bruising and tearing of the brain tissue and blood vessels. Most head injuries cause concussions, but severe impacts can cause lasting brain damage.

Arm and leg injuries

Your arms and legs may be thrown against the door if your car suffers a side impact. Accidents can also cause your knees to hit the dashboard or front seats.

Your arms and legs may be bruised, scraped, sprained, or broken, depending on the nature of the collision.

Remember, some injuries might not show up immediately after an accident. Depending on the nature of your injury, it might take days, weeks, or even months for symptoms to appear. Therefore, it is best to seek treatment immediately if you feel any pain or discomfort.

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