No matter where you’re in your pictures career, beginning a blog is a good idea. Based out of Korea, Jason Teale thrives out in the world, the place he captures the sweetness all around us. (His night time shots are particularly beautiful.) Aside from Teale’s nonetheless road pictures, he’s additionally a gifted cinemagraph creator, so cruising his photo weblog, may also yield a cinemagraph tip or two. We’ve compiled 23 of our favorite Photograpy News blogs from all different sorts of industries and categories for inspiration for your work. If you’re feeling motivated to start out your weblog, on the finish of the article, we’ll offer you a breakdown of steps for how one can set your photography blog up within a matter of hours. If you’re into film of any measurement, form or format, visit the FPP website and tune in to a podcast.

  • But sports also relate intense drama and emotion, within the players and the fans on the game.
  • You can see more of Libor’s work on his Instagram page.
  • They could be discovered not solely in Yellowstone, Iceland or New Zealand, but also within the wider universe.
  • As an newbie solely, I solely move with train and bicycle, and managed to adapt my bike for gentle gears.
  • On their blog the content supplied is diverse and appeals to a wide spectrum of budding and established photographers alike.

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