A vegan dish is a diet that does not contain any animal product such as eggs, dairy and meat. When followed correctly, vegan diets are incredibly nutritious, helps in weight loss, decreases the risk of cancer, heart-related illnesses and type two diabetes. Typically vegan diets have high amounts of nutrients and low amounts of saturated fats. However, it is vital for people who only take vegan dishes to have alternative ways to get certain nutrients, including vitamin B-12, calcium and iron that are mainly found in omnivorous diets. You should also make sure that you source your vegan diet from reputable sources. Online reviews such as Britainreviews.co.uk will help you find food companies for healthy vegan food delivery for your diet. Some of the most popular vegan dishes are covered below.

Mirchi ka salan

This is an assortment of curry and has its origin in Hyderabad. It is prepared through boiling mild green chillies in a spice of coconut, peanuts, sesame seeds, fried onions, garlic paste and ginger. The curry is usually enriched with a range of spices and lemon juice or tamarind to give it an extra taste of tanginess. Some of the spices applied while preparing the dish include cumin seeds, chilli powder, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, curry leaves, turmeric, nigella seeds and fenugreek seeds. Typically, Mirchi ka salan is taken warm, having some fresh coriander leaves on top and will excellently accompany plain rice or Hyderabad biryani. It can also be served with roti, naan as well as other types of Indian bread.


Pitla is a traditional Maharashtrian curry prepared with a batter of gram flour, turmeric powder, water and red chilli powder. These are then cooked with a mixture of curry leaves, a blend of spice, onions, green chillies and garlic paste until they have reached the needed consistency. Typical spices used include cumin seeds, asafoetida and mustard seeds, which, prior to being combined with other ingredients, are tempered in oil. They are then stir-fried together. You can also enhance your Pitla with vegetables you have finely chopped, such as pigweed, spinach, tomatoes or fenugreek leaves.


Samfaina is a vegan Spanish dish with close relations to the French ratatouille. With its origins in Catalonia, Samfaina is prepared using tomatoes, eggplants, olive oil, peppers and onions. Depending on the cook, there are many variations of this dish. Some cooks may prefer to roast the pepper prior to making the dish, while others may prefer adding garlic. Samfaina is both a side dish and a sauce.  Today it is also served as a vegetarian dish on its own. Some of its accompaniments, when served as a side dish or sauce, include rice. Samfaina means symphony, which most possibly refers to the symphony of the different favours and vegetables used to prepare it.


With its origins in Maharashtra, Usal is a traditional Indian dish. It can be made using main ingredients like dried beans, lentils or sprouted beans. However, in Maharashtra, it’s mainly prepared with matki beans or sprouted moth. To prepare the dish, a mixture of sesame seeds, coriander seeds, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, coconut, peppercorns and bay leaves is roasted till it’s fragrant. This mixture is then added to garlic, sautéed onions, tomatoes, turmeric powder and chilli powder. You’ll then add the sprouted beans to a pot, cook the mixture in coconut milk or water till it becomes tender, making sure it’s not mushy.  To add extra flavour and texture, you can add potatoes to the dish. After it’s done, garnish Usal with coriander leaves and serve it hot.


This is a renowned Nepalese dish prepared by drying and fermenting various leafy vegetables, including mustard leaves, Rayo sag, cauliflower and radish leaves, to have a sour product with a characteristic dark brown colour. Gundruk is a multipurpose dish that can be served as a side dish or as an appetizer. It is also possible to make it into soup. Gundruk is rich and minerals, and it is particularly important in rural areas where a majority of individuals commonly feed on tubers and maize.


Often labelled as tofu salad, Ketoprak is a traditional street food with its origins in Indonesia. It is prepared using a mixture of steamed rice cakes, fried tofu, bean sprouts, rice vermicelli noodles, cucumbers and cabbage. The mixture is served in sweet soy sauce and peanut sauce. Typically Ketoprak is topped with fried krupuk and shallots.

Gobi Manchurian

This is a traditional Indo-Chinese dish made up of fried cauliflower mixed in a spicy and sweet sauce. There exist two variants of Gobi Manchurian, the gravy one and the dry one. Typically the gravy version is a thick sauce prepared using corn-starch, and it’s typically served as a main dish with rice on its side, either steamed or fried. On the other hand, the dry one is served as an appetizer or snack with a dipping sauce of ketchup.

In conclusion, vegan diets have recently gained popularity due to their various advantages. This article has covered some of the vegan dishes you can try out.

By AESir