A veterinary centrifuge is considered one of the most important devices in hospitals, laboratories, and clinics that provide animal-related services. Spinning at high rates, centrifuges are either big enough to stand on the floor or compact enough to rest on counters and workbenches.

Veterinary centrifuges, just like benchtop centrifuges, have various applications including the determination of components in oil, isolation of DNA, separation of blood, and purification of chemical samples. In laboratories and animal clinics, a veterinary centrifuge can be yielded to separate blood, urine, hematocrit, semen, and other samples.

Hettich, the leading company that manufactures centrifuges offers a vast array of units whose diverse functions are designed to address the needs of lab workers and veterinarians.

Users can also select from a vast collection of custom and standard accessories to enhance the capabilities of their chosen centrifuge. On top of that, every unit is tested thoroughly to guarantee user safety.

Veterinary centrifuges offered by Hettich are considered valuable pieces of equipment in veterinary labs, physician’s office laboratories, and blood banks. They have also been proven to effectively withstand the daily pressures in veterinary practice laboratories.

By AESir