Are you looking at yourself and noticing excess fat that may have distorted your physical appearance? You may be asking yourself if you even have a chance at reversing some weight gain and getting to look better even as you age. You should seek medical weight loss management Edmond to get a customized weight loss program. Weight loss varies for every individual, depending on age, lifestyle habits, exercise, and overall goals. You will go through different components of a weight loss program with the guidance of your doctor. Here are common components of a weight loss program.

Nutritional Counseling

Your doctor may recommend a nutritional counselor to help you lose weight. The program includes interaction between you and your doctor so you can undergo a nutritional assessment and learn how to add well-balanced nutrients to your diet. Your doctor will help you understand your nutrition’s impact on your health and then help you modify your behaviors to achieve nutritional goals. You will benefit from practicing and maintaining these goals and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise Programs

Apart from maintaining a diet, you will require regular physical exercise to shed some extra weight by burning extra calories in your body. You can begin with walking to feel safe while adding more daily steps. Next, you can jog and run anywhere as part of your weekly routine to help lower visceral fat that may cause chronic diseases like diabetes and heart conditions. Your doctor may suggest adding cycling to your exercise program to increase fitness, lose weight, and lower the risk of heart disease. Additionally, you can include weight training to help you build strength and help burn calories when your body is at rest.

hCG Diet

hCG hormone is commonly associated with a pregnancy if you have it at higher levels. As part of your medical weight loss program, your doctor may recommend an hCG diet which is very low-calorie and fat. During your loading phase, you will take hCG and eat food rich in fat and calories for two days. Next, you will still take hCG during the weight loss phase while eating 500 calories daily for up to six weeks. Lastly, you will stop using hCG during maintenance and increase your food intake while avoiding starch and sugar for three weeks.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

HRT is a common procedure for women undergoing menopause. However, your doctor may also recommend HRT to help achieve weight loss by regulating your estrogen levels. Your estrogen hormone levels may drop significantly and cause weight gain, which may be difficult to lose. With HRT, you can enjoy reduced belly fat, increased metabolism, and maintained muscle mass to help you lose weight.

You can devote your life to losing the extra pounds to be in your best health. You will not find one comprehensive treatment, so your doctor will customize a fitting weight loss program. Your program will include hormonal treatments, exercises, and a regular diet which will lower calories while reducing the risk of serious conditions. You can also go for nutritional counseling, where your doctor will suggest the correct amounts of food you can consume to lose weight. You can read more to find out about the different components of a weight loss program.

By AESir