What are the impacts of coronavirus on mental health?

As the United States continues to struggle to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, there has been a rising concern regarding its long-term effects on mental health. According to a local report, there has been an increase in the number of domestic violence calls and excessive consumption of opioids. The deadly virus has made so many people lose their jobs, thereby increasing their stress levels. As a result, they are engaging in drug and substance abuse and, in extreme cases committing suicide. We all agree that the novel coronavirus has exposed the loopholes in the mental health sector. Our leaders should focus on improving our mental health care system to ensure it’s high-quality and easily accessible to everyone.

The surge in the number of coronavirus cases has made the U.S. government apply a total lockdown measure leading to the closure of schools, workplaces, churches, and entertainment joints. As a result, people are forced to stay indoors in self-isolation to help curb the deadly virus’s spread. These restriction measures have affected people’s social and mental health. During this critical time, people are urged to take supplements that will help boost their immunity. There are several healthy vitamins and supplements that can help fight the deadly virus. However, you have to look at the reviews to know the previous customers’ complaints, experiences, success stories, and opinions. This will help you know the supplements that are worth buying and the best place for expert advice.

With the kids being away from school for close to a year, they have so many unanswered questions and they are looking up to their parents for answers. The sad part is that their parents may not have the appropriate responses as they are also stressed up wondering when normalcy will resume. Due to this uncertainty, children can experience stress and anxiety, which would affect their mental health. When kids are disturbed, they will change their behaviors. Parents should be on the lookout when they notice negative behaviors like excessive crying, poor concentration, changes in eating habits, and lack of interest in what they enjoyed doing. To help solve the situation, parents should talk to their kids about the pandemic and help them understand all that is happening. Parents should also ensure that their kids are engaged in healthy activities like indoor sports and encouraging hobbies to help reduce stress.

The novel coronavirus has made the aged and people with disabilities more vulnerable. This is because of their low immunity and underlying health conditions like cancer and diabetes. Isolating them from their family members and friends will have a severe effect on their mental health. This is because they depend on their family members to meet their daily needs. This can lead to stress, anxiety, and psychological trauma. Research has it that people who are above 60 years have higher chances of getting COVID-19 and might develop serious life-threatening complications even if they were of good health. To avoid all these, young family members should ensure that they offer the aged a shoulder to lean on. They should talk to them to know the issues bothering them and help them find a solution. They should also be actively engaged in their activities.

To curb the spread of the novel coronavirus W.H.O advises that we should wear face masks, sanitize or wash our hands and maintain social distance. Thanks to online shopping as we can get hand sanitizers and face masks from the comfort of our homes. However, you must read through the us-reviews to know the previous customers’ complaints, experiences, and feedback. This will help you know the reputable shop to buy from and the one offering high-quality products. As they say, behind every calamity, there is a silver lining. For some people, this has been the perfect time for family bonding, which has helped reduce stress and anxiety. Besides, some people have discovered new opportunities like an online business that has made them thrive and provide for their families.