The one mask you wear at the grocery store or post office will not end this pandemic. Still, the dissemination of COVID-19 will significantly affect millions of people wearing millions of masks. The masks you and your family members wear might well have a significant impact on how this new coronavirus affects you on a personal basis.

With the pandemic not likely to stop any time soon, you might as well invest in a few washable masks that are made in their modern standard way to survive and still look good. See a range of face masks below that you can pre-order or shop online right now.

·         EVERLANE      

This double layer knit fabric choice is simple to wear and much easier to tack on to your next order from the clothing brand Everlane. The pack of five is ideal for sharing with others or wear to move in. The company recommends washing before the first use and after each wear for optimum comfort, plus washing your hands before putting it on and taking it off.

·         Pharmacist

A pharmacist shop is a place where you can get a good face mask, but before you shop with any pharmacist, make sure it’s a reliable pharmacy that sells quality and original stuff. Since the pharmacy is a health sector, it will be better to buy a quality face mask rather than buy from any online shop or offline.

·         NORDSTROM

Another friendly, simple alternative, these Nordstrom pleated masks, have decent nose-to-chin coverage and flex mobility easily. The ear loops can be adjusted for a secure fit with the flexible sliding bands. Plus, Nordstrom will donate a mask to protect children and families in our neighbourhoods for every box of masks bought.

·         CASETIFY

A gift of a mask to a healthcare worker on the front lines of the coronavirus battle would be triggered by purchasing a reusable fabric mask from Casetify, a brand typically famous for computer hardware products like Apple Watch bands phone cases. Of course, it will also offer you a durable, washable cloth mask that comes with two reversible filters that contribute to its effectiveness.

·         LUCKY BRAND

If you’ve ever bought a pair of Lucky Brand jeans, you know they last for years, and with every wash and wear, you get more and more relaxed. These masks are produced in LA using the same materials as Lucky’s denim garments, so you can also rely on them to last a long time, which seems like a selling point that we will have to contend with as the pandemic continues. Lucky is doing its part for a one-to-one donation scheme: they’ll also donate five masks for each five-pack they sell.

·         LA Clothing APPAREL

There are extra-long tie loops in the cloth face masks made by Los Angeles Apparel so that you can wear them over the ears or with one band over the mouth. The other is around the top of the head, eliminating the chaffing behind the ears that so many people have considered a concern. The masks are made from 100{04f211c515457a6b5f222b6adfedd5bf80d6de54c0130aff655ece51bb3ff200} cotton, save for a thin metal band placed where the masks across the nose bridge.

·         Bonobos Riviera Face Masks

The famous menswear company Bonobos sell Two-layer masks made from the same cloth used for its Riviera shorts. One hundred per cent cotton is the inner coat, and with a drop of stretch, the outer is the thread. The masks come with over-the-head elastic bands and a moldable metal nose ring for a snug but comfy fit. Bonobos donate masks to Callen-Lorde, an agency that provides LGBTQ+ neighbourhoods in New York with responsive, high-quality health care and support programs.

By AESir