The inability to reach for an item from a shelf can be frustrating if you have shoulder pain. Although shoulder injuries are common, they can affect your daily routine because you have a limited range of motion. You should see an orthopedic shoulder & elbow surgeon La Jolla if shoulder pain is accompanied by swelling, tenderness, or a feeling that your shoulder is out of its socket.

Other symptoms include numbness and a tingling sensation in your arms. It is crucial to seek immediate medical attention to prevent your injury from worsening.

Common shoulder problems

The following are common shoulder issues:


You can experience shoulder instability if the ball of the shoulder joint moves partially or completely out of the socket. Aging or repetitive motions can lead to injuries and shoulder dislocations.


Arthritis is a health condition that leads to inflammation and pain in your shoulder joint. Your specialist can offer various treatment options, including physical therapy, massage therapy, medications, and rest.


If the tendons in your shoulder joints are inflamed, you might suffer from tendonitis. Common symptoms include weakness and limited motion of the arm.


You can have fractures resulting from a fall, a direct blow to your shoulder, or a car accident. You might need scans to determine the extent of your fracture before you receive treatment.

Treatment options

The following are common treatment options for shoulder injuries.

Immobilization and compression

Your specialist can recommend immobilization and compression to reduce pain and swelling of the affected shoulder joint. You can use a sling or compression sleeve to ensure your arm is immobile and promote a quicker recovery. The recommended duration for shoulder immobilization is between four and six weeks. The time allows your soft tissues to rest and repair themselves.

Anti-inflammatory injections

You can benefit from anti-inflammatory injections whether you have tendinitis, rotator cuff tear, or arthritis. The injections provide more symptom relief than oral medications. Your doctor will target a specific area of your shoulder and inject it with the solution. The contents of the injection include cortisone, a medicine that reduces pain and inflammation.

Shoulder instability procedures

If you have experienced one or more dislocations, you understand how shoulder instability can be unsettling. Your orthopedic specialist will examine your shoulder joint and perform a procedure like arthroscopic shoulder surgery, which aims to repair and tighten torn tendons or ligaments.  

Total shoulder replacement surgery

If your shoulder injury is not limited to muscle or tendon damage, but your bone is also damaged, you might need a total shoulder replacement surgery. Since it is a major procedure, your recovery will take a few months to regain full use of your shoulder. You might need total shoulder replacement surgery for osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

If you have shoulder pain due to an injury or a specific health condition, visit Upper Extremity Specialists of Ortho 1 Medical Group for treatment. The available orthopedic surgeons will evaluate the severity of your situation before offering a customized treatment plan. Call or schedule your appointment online to get back to your regular activities.

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