When it comes to dentistry, many people indicate financial issues as the main criteria. The cost of dental treatment in most European countries can effectively ruin the budget, not mentioning the need of a constant supervision after all. It is not surprising that more and more people choose a Polish clinic. Dental care in this country is outstanding and – what is most important – very cost-effective.

Excellent qualifications

In Poland it is not easy to become a dentist. The educational path is strictly regulated and students must undergo five years of training at a university, that is followed by a 12-month practical course. To become a polish dentist one must pass an exam in order to be fully qualified. What is more, dental experts from Poland stay up-to-date with all trends, regularly taking part in courses and trainings that allow them to raise the qualifications and perform a professional service.

Safe and modern treatment

Average dentist office in Poland is equipped with contemporary machines that enable to conduct a safe treatment in comfortable conditions. The most often chosen option is a modern clinic with innovative equipment that guarantees a pain free solutions and excellent outcomes. One of them is Indexmedica, a highly-rated clinic in Krakow, whose staff consists of certified specialists with many years of experience. The service they offer is similar to the one suggested in other countries. Dental implants, teeth whitening, fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, gum treatment and many more – all in one place.

Reasonable prices

Treatment costs in Poland are significantly lower than in other European countries. For example, a dental implant in the UK may cost around £1,650, while in Poland it takes around £650. The difference is huge! No wonder more and more people decide to start their dental treatment in Polish dental office, when they are given a chance to experience high-quality dental care that is much cheaper, even with the flight and accommodation price included.

No language barriers

A Polish dentist speaking fluent English is a common sight. Especially in main cities, where many tourists come from abroad, the knowledge of the English language is a crucial factor. Dentists from Indexmedica effectively communicate with their patients without any barriers, making the treatment a comprehensive and comfortable process.

Dental tourism in Poland

It may be said that dental tourism in Poland is like a blooming flower. In fact, it is a well-organized journey that attracts more and more patients from abroad. In Indexmedica, you can have a complex touristic package with the treatment included. The clinic has got its own representatives that are ready to pick you up from the airport, book an accommodation and organize a trip around the city. This is a great opportunity for those who prefer to save some money and experience an effective treatment combined with a bit of tourism. Are you ready to enhance your smile? Check out Indexmedica, one of the top clinics in Krakow, and start your trip to healthy teeth.

By AESir